SpyFu's "Keyword Groupie" Pre-release Review

While anticipation of the November beta release of SpyFu's "SEO Recon Files" grows throughout the search industry, SpyFu is releasing a free portion of the product early called "Keyword Groupie" on Monday complete with clever messaging and supporting video content including this SpyFu Keyword Groupie Intro.

Exciting news indeed, not only because we are able to get an early glimpse of the parent product release, but more importantly, because it's actually useful!  The product is advertised to take a look at both paid and organic keyword coverage by domain, both identifying current coverage, and showing a larger set of data including keywords not currently in existing campaigns.  Breaking these keywords out into a topical hierarchy, keywords can be easily exported, ready for loading into paid search campaigns and planning tools for SEO's and content creators.

Here's an example of what data a "groupify" returns for Nike.com returns:

SpyFu Keyword Groupie - Nike
SpyFu Keyword Groupie - Nike

Organic keywords that Nike is ranking for are available in the first category, as paid keywords appear in the second.  Then, all related organic and paid keywords show in the next categories providing keyword insights for PPC campaign expansion, and SEO keyword and content targeting.  Above, keyword clusters reveal both top sorted results as well as clusters based on "trailhead" keywords and their derivatives, extremely useful for categorization in paid campaigns, and the avoidance of extensive excel keyword sorting tomfoolery.  It is assumed that the recommended results come from derivatives based on SpyFu's extensive SERP database, a goldmine of information indeed for keyword research usage.

As part of SEO Recon Files, it will be interesting to see the full product offering.  From someone who does more keyword research and categorization for content planning than should ever be admitted in public, I see great value for usage beyond search, including developing content strategy and social media planning.  On my wish list, I'd also like to see keyword search volume to help with keyword and cluster prioritization as well as the ability to enter specific competitor domains to control my "universe," both obvious requests that I would anticipate in future releases.

In sum, bravo SpyFu for finding extra value in the data you've been collecting for some time now. On behalf of the interactive community, I'm proud to be the first to say thank you for providing more access to it.

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A special thank you to Mike Roberts and SpyFu for allowing DigitalMarketingStrategy.com a pre-release product sneak peak-we're already using it and look forward to the full SEO Recon Files later this year.

Posted on September 24, 2010 and filed under Integrated Marketing.