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Integrated Mobile Strategy: Digital Marketing Strategy for the Three Screens

Last week I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present an Econsultancy webinar related to developing a comprehensive strategy across various online lenses: pc, mobile, and tablet.  This presentation discusses aspects of future forward planning by device, highlighting some of the most important considerations in creating your mobile roadmap, including often overlooked, and actually prescribed first step, content strategy.

In sum, centralized content planning is important to ensure content can be consumed regardless of device and outpost.  When studying consumer behavior by device, we see that each device lens to content should change for both device consumption itself, as well as the desires a consumer has related to content prioritization and engagement.  In both media dollars, and earned and owned efforts, cross-lens digital marketing is still a huge opportunity for advertisers, and 2013 needs to be the year organizations shore up their deficiencies in this arena and take control of any competitive advantage left in the industry.

Please find the presentation embedded below.  

Econsultancy and ethology: Digital Marketing Strategy for the Three Screens


Mike Corak

Note:  A hospitality version titled "Focus on the Four Screens" I presented at the HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference a month or so ago is also available on my Slideshare account.

Posted on March 11, 2013 .