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Relevancy of the Post-Click Experience - A Quick Windows 7 Banner Ad Review

While checking out what College Football has to offer me on this glorious desert morning, I came across the following banner on ESPN:

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It caught my eye for 2 reasons:

1 - I was just at a conference, ExactTarget's Connections 09, where a speaker talked about testing and how Microsoft found that green buttons convert especially well in their campaigns

2 - I'm intrigued by all things Microsoft v. Apple

Back to the matter at hand, the main banner message implies that the young woman pictured provided input for Windows 7, in-line with the recent campaign which I think is actually well done.  A smaller and potentially competing message (software v. computer purchase) on the right talks about finding a PC, but it's clearly secondary and I frankly didn't see it prior to clicking on the banner, but only later when trying to connect the dots to my post-click experience.

Upon banner click you arrive at the following page:

Microsoft Windows Landing Page

Had I clicked on the "Find the Right PC" portion, or noticed it pre-click, this landing page would have made more sense though I'm not sure PC=laptop.  But that's not the banner's main message, and therefore, the user experience created is less than optimal.  I expected some back-up to the campaign - videos from the advertisements, a way to interact or put my $.02 in, etc.  Backing that up with a pick a PC secondary message could have made my experience more relevant, but straight to pick a PC is confusing-bounce.

Windows 7, I didn't provide any input that contributed to your product's features and functionality, but here's a little something that may help improve the relevancy of your online advertising campaign.

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